29 Jun

Scopus works on chemistry backfill

It was announced earlier, but the effects can now be seen: Scopus is working on its chemistry backfill. When we did our comparison of Scopus, WoS and GS back in 2006, Scopus boosted only a few hundred pre-1960 records. At this time there are 104.000, allmost all from chemistry journals. The coverage of post-1960 records for chemistry has risen as well: 1968 from 7000 to 9500 and coverage of 1978 publications in chemistry up from 1060 to 16720, for example. 

Let’s hope they will also start with the announced backfill of journals from Springer, APS, AIP, Nature and Elsevier to vol. 1, issue 1. soon. I also would like to see that in the end this will create a balanced backfill picture regarding the varoious subjects.

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